Cracked Design Brass with Purple Metal Dice


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Made from a brass metal coloured zinc alloy with purple cracks through each dice.

These dice are heavier than a normal dice.

We highly recommend you use these on a soft surface such as a dice mat or dice tower to extend the life of your dice (this also eliminates any risk of damage to your table surface).

1 x Round black metal storage case
Standard sized polyhedral set of dice, containing the following:

1 x D4 (four-sided)
1 x D6 (six-sided)
1 x D8 (eight-sided)
1 x D10 (ten-sided) numbered ‘1-9’ and ‘0’
1 x D10 Percentile (ten-sided) numbered ’10-90′ and ’00’
1 x D12 (twelve-sided)
1 x D20 (twenty-sided)

Case dimensions: 9cm x 3.6cm round container
Dice dimensions: Vary by shape – standard sized polyhedral set
Dice colour: Brass metal coloured zinc alloy with purple cracks and numbering
Dice weight (per set):
Dice weight (per dice):

D10 (Percentile):

*Dice weight and colour may have slight variations due to manufacturing methods