About us

HitDragons was an idea from the owners of PlayByProxy to bring specialist D&D products to the local and national TTPRG communities. Noticing a lack of variety of dice combo’s and dice accessories, they have made it their quest to bring you products that are as individual and unique as your characters backstory.  If you fail on your initiative roll to locate the perfect set of dice for your character, we can design and make it for you.

Who are we

Troy has been involved in D&D campaining for the last 27 years and is always keen on developing inventive ways on how to escape the undying gaze from an Iced Dragon.  His favourite character to play is the Dwarven Barbarian, as he loves to charge into any scenario, regardless of the danger ahead. Brandishing his Two Handed Bastard sword, the first cleave is always one of precision and usually striking his mark, except for those rolls where he slips and falls into the ravine.

For any questions or notices, please contact our team at:

HitDragons ABN 51 316 513 564

2/52 Kent Street

Cannington, WA, 6107

Email: hello@hitdragons.com
Last update: 06 April 2023