Colourful Nordic LED Light Up Dice


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βš”οΈ Enhance Your Dice Collection with Radiant LED Dice! 🎲

Revitalize your dice hoard with the allure of LED Dice – a spectacular addition to your gaming treasures!

✨ Extended Radiance: Witness the magic as these LED dice illuminate your tabletop adventures for an impressive 6 hours on a full charge. Engage in the dynamic display as they alternate between three captivating colors, flashing for 10 seconds at a time. Leave a lasting impression on your fellow questers!

πŸ”‹ Rechargeable Marvels: Say farewell to worries about power depletion! These LED dice sets are rechargeable and include a USB Type C cable for swift and convenient charging, ensuring a continuous showcase of vibrant lights.

🌈 Colorful Brilliance: Enjoy the enchantment of LED dice alternating between three mesmerizing colors, adding an extra layer of excitement to your gaming sessions.

🎁 Impress Your Gaming Companions: Searching for the perfect gift for your fellow adventurers? LED Dice sets not only offer functionality but also provide a dazzling surprise for those seeking an extraordinary gaming experience.

⚑ Extend Dice Life: To maximize the enjoyment of your luminous dice, we highly recommend using them on a soft surface like a dice mat or dice tower. Let the soft foundation enhance both the life and vibrancy of your cherished dice.

🌈 Elevate Your Gaming Experience Today! 🎲✨