Dragon Scale Egg – Neptune Shimmer


Embark on a mystical journey with our Neptune Shimmer Crystal Dragon Egg – a mesmerizing creation meticulously crafted to evoke wonder and tranquility.

This enchanting dragon egg transcends mere aesthetics, embodying the ethereal beauty of Neptune blue shimmer, shaped with intricate details that captivate the imagination.

Marvel at the captivating fusion of shimmering blue tones adorning the dragon egg – a manifestation of the mysteries of the deep sea. The enchanting touch of this dragon egg is an invitation to a fantastical realm of awe-inspiring beauty and serenity.

Store treasures within this Neptune Shimmer Crystal Dragon Egg, turning it into a vessel of cherished moments and magical discoveries. Tailored for those who seek solace and appreciate the radiant dance of colors, the Neptune Shimmer Crystal Dragon Egg stands as a testament to the harmonious balance between enchanting allure and the gentle whispers of tranquility. Awaken the sense of wonder within – secure your Neptune Shimmer Crystal Dragon Egg now and embark on a journey to serene enchantment.

Approximately 5.5cm long x 6.7cm tall.

Each dragon egg is 3D printed layer by layer – no assembly is required.

3D Printed in our Cannington store.

Attention: Ages 12+. Not suitable for unsupervised play by small children or pets. Articulated prints are made from small, interlocking pieces, and as such, are not recommended for children under the age of 3 due to choking hazards.

Materials: We use a plant based plastic called PLA, it is a polyester derived from renewable biomass, typically from fermented plant starch, such as corn, cassava, sugarcane or sugar beet pulp.

We are an authorised seller of these 3D printed fidget animals.

If not currently in stock, the item will be placed on backorder and 3D printed at the earliest availability. You will be notified when your order is ready to be collected or shipped.

Please note filaments used in the printing process have random colour variations, therefore your print may not be exactly the same as depicted in the photo.

Other colours or animals may be available. If you have a specific animal or colour you are after, please send us a message.