Constellation LED Light Up Dice


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Looking to add an electrifying spark to your tabletop adventures? Look no further! Introducing our Rechargeable LED Dice Sets – the perfect addition to your dice hoard that will leave your fellow questers in awe.
  •  Vibrant LED Display: These dice light up with a mesmerizing glow, enhancing the magic of your gaming sessions. Impress your friends and captivate your enemies with every roll!
  • Extended Glow Time: Once fully charged, these LED dice shine brightly for an impressive 6 hours, ensuring they stay illuminated throughout your epic quests.
  • Flashing Marvel: Experience a burst of brilliance as the dice flash for 20 seconds at a time, adding an extra layer of excitement to your gaming moments.

Convenient Recharging: No need for disposable batteries! Each set comes with its own USB Type C cable, allowing you to easily recharge your dice between adventures. Say goodbye to constantly buying new batteries and embrace the eco-friendly convenience of rechargeable technology.

Dice-Friendly Tips: To maximize the lifespan of your LED dice, we recommend rolling them on a soft surface such as a dice mat or tower. This ensures a smooth and controlled roll while preserving the intricate details of your dazzling dice.

The Perfect Gift: Searching for a unique and unforgettable gift for your fellow gamers? Our Rechargeable LED Dice Sets are bound to leave a lasting impression. Level up your gaming experience and give the gift of illuminated excitement!

Get Yours Today: Don’t miss out on this opportunity to bring a new dimension to your tabletop adventures.

Ignite the magic, roll with brilliance, and let your LED dice light the way to victory!