33mm D20 Chonk Fire Dragon Eye


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🔥 Introducing the Fire Dragon Eye Chonk D20! 🔥

Unleash the fury of the Fire Dragon with our captivating chonk D20! This single 33mm die features the intense gaze of the Fire Dragon’s eye encased within a mesmerizing liquid core, promising unparalleled excitement in your gaming adventures.

🐉 Commanding Presence:  Our D20 exudes authority and strength, dominating any gaming session with its fiery allure.

🔴 Dynamic Design: Within the translucent red die, the fiery intensity of the Fire Dragon’s eye captivates all who behold it, igniting excitement with every roll.

👁️ Liquid Core: Immerse yourself in the depths of dragon magic as you witness the swirling liquid core within the die, a testament to the ancient and untamed power contained within.

Whether you’re embarking on an epic quest or engaging in fierce battles, our Fire Dragon Eye Chonk D20 promises to elevate your gaming experience with the unstoppable force of the Fire Dragon. Embrace the flames and unleash your inner fire as you conquer challenges with the might of dragons by your side!

We highly recommend you use this on a soft surface such as a dice mat or dice tower to extend the life of your dice.

*Dice weight and colour may have slight variations due to manufacturing methods